Phase 1 Fundraising Campaign Launched!

The Background

Masjid Bilal in Luton has been established since 2006 firstly in a one bedroom flat, and now in a disused Church. We have rapidly outgrown our facilities on both occasions and now require a much larger building for our diverse community in the Marsh Road/Leagrave area of Luton. Alhamdulillah, Masjid Bilal has since purchased a 1000 Sq metre former Postal Distribution Centre (New Masjid) opposite our current building with the intention to relocating to it.

Our Current Difficulties

Before Covid-19, we used to have approximately five hundred people attend our Jumuah Prayers. Although our New Building was and still is a basic shell of a Building, we were granted permission to use it for Friday Jumuah prayers only.

Due to Covid-19, we have had to move back to our current Building and have now had to reduce our Jumuah prayers back down to thirty attendees in three separate congregations, which means we have less than 20% of our regular attendees being able to pray at the Masjid.

Our Solution

We have decided to accelerate works for the upper floor of our new Building. Once complete, we will be able to fit one hundred attendees per Jumuah, meaning we can have up to three hundred attendees at Jumuah compared to ninety currently – an increase of more than 300%!

Please speak to the Masjid Team or get in touch with us via the Contact page to see how you can support this great initiative!

Our Plea to You – Our Roof

As part of moving to the upper floor of the Masjid, we need to raise approximately £25,000 (including taxes and VAT) to repair the roof of the New Masjid. Without this, we cannot move to the Masjid due to the current state of it. 

We required 370 square metres of roofing, so if 370 blessed people donated £60 each, we roof will be paid for. Please choose from the following amounts to pay towards our roof.





  • All Carpet required for the Upper Floor has been donated by a businessman
  • All internal door required for Upper Floor have been pledged by our Masjid Attendees
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