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External 3D Models

Find our latest external designs for our new Masjid. I'm sure you'll agree that they look beautiful and our Masjid will be a great visual asset to the surrounding area

  • North-East-1
  • South-East
  • North-West
  • South-West-1
  • East-1
  • North-2
  • West
  • South-2
  • Birdseye View-2

Ground Floor Birdseye Views

Our ground floor will contain our main prayer area, four classrooms, modern toilets and wudhu facilities, a gift shop, an office, a storage room, kitchens and a bike shelter outside.

  • View From South-East
  • View From North-West
  • View From South-West
  • View From North-East
  • Entry,Office & Corridor-01
  • Top Plan-01

Ground Floor 3D Views

Below are some views of how the internal of our Masjid will look.

  • South-West View
  • Wudhu-02
  • Entry-03
  • View From South
  • North-West View
  • View From Corridor-02
  • Office-01
  • Toilet
  • South-East View
  • North-East View
  • View From East
  • Entry-01

Upper Floor Birdseye Views

On our upper floor you will find our sister's prayer/multi-function room, girl's classrooms, female office, common room, guest room with library and guest bedroom.

  • Upper Floor From NE
  • Upper Floor From East
  • Upper Floor From NW
  • Upper Floor From SE
  • Upper Floor From SW

Upper Floor 3D Views

Here you can see some views of our upper floor which is dedicated specially for our Sisters and we also have a separate section for our guests.

  • Female Prayer Hall-03
  • Female Prayer Hall-05
  • Female Office
  • Library
  • Common Room-02
  • Sleeping Room-01

Community Engagement

We regularly run community activities such as kids fun days or family bazaars and often prepare special gift packs for our community; whether they be our local non-Muslim neighbours, our Masjid attendees or our very own madrasah students

  • Kids Fun Day
  • NHS banner
  • NHS Gift Packs 4
  • kids packs 2020
  • Masjid Helpers
  • Ramadan Gifts to Neighbours
  • Gifts to Students
  • Eid Gifts to Attendees
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