Congregational prayers and activities suspended from 5th November

In light of the UK Government’s announcement of a second lockdown and in line with advice from the Luton Council of Mosques, it is with deep sadness, Masjid Bilal will once again temporarily suspend all congregational prayers and Friday Jumu’ah Prayer until further notice. Starting after ‘Ishā on the 4th Novermber.

Weekday and Weekend Maktab will continue to take place online. We will also prepare online activities and talks during this difficult period.

Masjid Bilal recommends the following:
1. Have full and complete trust in Allāh. Seek Allāh’s forgiveness and mercy. Recite the morning and evening Adhkar and keep the remembrance of Allāh on your tongues.
2. It is recommended to perform congregational Prayers at home with your family at the stated times. Jumu’ah should be substituted with Dhuhr. Pray all the emphasized Sunnah, Witr and increase in Tahajjud prayers. Increase your recitation of Quran and Duas in your homes.

Masjid Bilal continues to monitor the situation and appreciates your understanding at these difficult times. We pray that Allah protects us all during this pandemic and reunites us once again so that we can worship Allah in congregation, ameen.

Jazākumu Allāhu Khayran
Masjid Bilal Committee


Although all congregational activities are suspended, you can still continue to support us. We are running our Roofing Campaign to help us move into our new Masjid.

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